Art Decorating & Bedroom Feng Shui For Your Spirit!

Art Decorating & Bedroom Feng Shui For Your Spirit!

Ask people what they spend most of time on their life, the answer is always sleep. That said, the bedroom is a very important room where you spend so many hours daily. It decides your sleep quality, and the energy after you wake up.

But it's not as simple as upgrading your mattresses, replacing your furniture, or cooling the room's temperature. There are other simpler ways to improve your bedroom spirit and sleep quality to the fullest potential - maximizing its feng shui.

A feng shui bedroom is done by taking care of the bedroom layout, the bed position, bedroom colors, bedroom decorations and other very important feng shui rules - no mirros, no electronics, no sharp edges, material quality and decorating with beautiful artwork that matches your spirit! 

The kinds of art used in the bedroom, according to feng shui, are really important. The bedroom is about you and your sleep; so never choose an art just because it's valuable; choose one that resonates with you and you truly care about.

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