Appreciating beautiful art and purchasing it for your home doesn’t take rocket science or a degree in liberal arts from the Sorbonne in Paris, France. Some inquisitiveness and self-education may be in order, naturally. But what the hey, with the Internet, universal education is now possible for every subject under the sun. Plus, it’s free!

Visiting a few art galleries, interior decoration shops and department store home displays might also be in order, of course. But this now can be conducted online, as well.

The knowledge and artistic tastefulness you wish to acquire is yours for the learning and taking. Besides, trial and error is not really so expensive, nor is being original and doing your own thing. With an eye (and desire) for symmetry, creativity and display propriety, just about anyone can master the art of displaying art. And have a fabulously fulfilling time while doing it!

The art of displaying art is developing an eye and intuitive sense of order and design for choosing the right art for the right locations and arranging and hanging the art in a manner that has order and symmetry and will induce house visitors to become interested viewers of your art.

Begin with Love, Then Go to Location, Placement and Grouping

The first thing you need to do is shop. Secondly, you need to buy! Thus, you need to immediately become an amateur art aficionado and start collecting some art to hang, place and display in your home, be it an apartment or a house. By visiting galleries in person or online, art fairs and art shows and estate sales you should in no time find pieces of art (sculptures, paintings and artisan crafts) that you love and know you will always enjoy having and displaying in your abode. For those that would like to turn your art into an investment, look for up and coming artists and established artists selling limited edition prints that are usually lower price points and originals in your price point.

Displaying art at the correct level is important. So, one rule of thumb is to hang paintings at standing eye level, especially in a foyer, living room, dinning area, hallways and various spots in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Group hanging of smaller framed art also demands a certain symmetry and placement, especially if the pieces are related in theme and/or style. They can be equal distance from each other, above or below each other, or even placed in a diagonal design say, above a sofa or furniture piece. Find the center of the sofa or furniture piece, then place your art grouping at around eye level above and in a design of equal placement of the pieces to and between each other.

Over Time Make Your Home a Gallery of Artistic Warmth and Beauty!

Art is a discipline and not only a vocation or hobby that indulges one’s sense of aesthetics and homeostasis. Beautifying one’s home is not only a way to bring harmony and comfort to your living environment but can enrich the experience you receive when entertaining guests and loved ones.

There is power and order in both small pieces and large canvasses that can create theme and continuity to your entire living space. No wall in your home needs to be left bare, and no corner or crevice needs to be crowded with only furniture and plants. A sculpture can become the centerpiece to an entire wall, and a cluster of mixed and matching painting of different sizes and dimensions. Interior design is about variety as well as symmetry and order. It’s also about developing an intuition as well as a taste for art and beauty!

By applying mixed frame styles and colors, while even mixing or pairing a variety of painting types and subjects that individually complement each room of your home, you can create an overall theme and continuity for your home. Or create a stimulating and entertaining contrast by decorating each room in a different style of art.

There’s no restriction what you can for your home and to your home when it comes to interior decoration and artistic beautification. You are only limited by your desire and imagination, which no art exists to ever limit!



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