Feng shui has been around for over 3,500 years ago, originating in China and Chinese astronomy and remains one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics. Based on an ancient system that our homes should mirror what’s occurring inside ourselves, its purpose is to harmonize our home’s energy with our own energy, and how to create and maintain our living environment in alignment with who we are and where we wish to go in life.

Everything has energy in the world, even inanimate objects and works of art. By practicing fengshui, you can arrange your home, every room inside your home and every object inside every room so that positive energy flows freely throughout. In effect, everything you bring into your home, and how it is arranged in your home, is critical to harmonizing and aligning the energy of your home with your own.

How to Achieve Good Feng Shui and Chi in Your Home

One great thing about fend shui is the fact it doesn’t cost anything to learn, practice and implement into your home. You’ll learn more than enough in this blog to get started immediately, so that in no time at all good fengshui and positive energy can begin flowing throughout your home. And later, the same can be done to office or place of work.

You begin by bringing beautiful art and photos and other “harmonizing” objects into your home. All this need not be Oriental art and objects, for beauty and harmony exist in every culture. In truth, you want every room in your home to feel warm, calm and happy. These are elements of harmony which reflect the five elements of fengshui. They are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

The bedroom is crucial to harmonizing one’s home and life because it represents love and relationship and the foundation to family and union. The five elements of fengshui are represented by certain colors; and using what we call the five elements principle is one of the simplest ways to harmonize one’s bedroom and home.

In essence, pleasant, vibrant, positive images of art that complement the main pieces of furniture in your bedroom are most significant to creating your bedroom’s good fengshui. Harmony is productive; it’s opposite is destructive. Thus, dark, depressing, sad, angry pieces of art is not what you want to decorate your bedroom in. Colors, shapes, images and designs that denote and represent positive life and positive energy is what you especially want in your bedroom.

Decorate Your Bedroom in the Feng Shui of Balance and Positive Energy

Some people hire a master practitioner of fengshui to create an energy map of each space in their home including the bedroom. Yet this is not really necessary, for you can go online and quickly learn how to discover and define the “Bagua” or fengshui energy map of your space.

As it is, there are many styles to fengshui including traditional and contemporary. The goal is to pick one and consistently apply it. If your bedroom requires more feminine energy (the “Yin”), then you might grace it with colors that denote femininity and gentleness as well as patterns and designs of a similar kind. If the goal is masculinity (the “Yang”), the colors, patterns, fabrics and designs of a stronger and darker kind would be appropriate. Images of nature and still life, and portraits and photos of loved ones smiling and happy are applicable to both feminine and masculine and help establish balance and positive energy for your bedroom.

The Yin quality also finds feminine energy in a dominate black color, and the square shape is considered to give strength to feminine energy. There are basic fengshui guidelines easy to find online to enlighten one to every principle and component to what constitutes the five elements of fengshui as well as to colors, shapes and images in art applicable to establishing balance and positive energy between the feminine and masculine.

For general guidelines, avoid decorating your bedroom with art images that are sad or depressing; and of course avoid aggressive, violent artand/or objects, plants and other decorative items that denote negative vibrations and energy.


Remember that your bedroom represents love and relationship and is a place for sensual healing, relaxation, recreation and warmth and joy. So, an avoidance of large mirrors and the color blue (too much of the water element) dominating your bedroom will eliminate positive fend shui energy. You need only to listen to your intuition, to your feelings and to your heart bearing in mind your goal is to achieve balance and harmony in your bedroom and throughout your home. Your purpose is to establish and maintain positive fengshui energy in your life!


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