Native Art Tapestries & Pillows

Native Art Tapestries & Pillows

Made Using USA Textile Mills, Very Skilled Weavers Transformed Shel Waldman Art into Something Comfortable, Functional and Visually Interesting Our Native Art Wall Tapestries & Pillows While Having a Unique and Luxurious Feel.

The Most Versatile Art Medium, Fiber Art, Native Art Tapestries,  aka Woven Throw Blankets are Great to Wrap Yourself in, Enjoy as Wall Art, Accent Rugs, Top of Bed, Beaches and More.

With Over Eight Miles of 100% Cotton Used in Every Woven Throw we Make, You Can Feel the Superior Quality and Definition of the Detail. All our Products are 100% Easy Care Cotton, and Highly Durable. 

Environmental Responsibility: 

Because Textile Excellence in the 21st Century Requires Heightened Respect for the Environment, our Textile Mills  are Committed to Using – Whenever Possible - Renewable Natural Fibers from American growers, which are then Woven and Finished in USA.