Weaved 100% Cotton Throw Blankets

Featuring Shel Waldman Artwork our Made in the USA 100% Cotton Throw Blankets are the Highest Quality Jacquard Loom Woven Throw Blankets Made by Skilled Craftsman- Over 8 Miles of Cotton on Each Weaved Throw!  Perfect as a Throw Blanket or Hung on the Wall as Fiber Art. 

Please Check Often as We Will be Offering a Large Selection of Our Beautiful Weaved Art Throw Blankets For Your Beautiful Home Featuring Our Native American Artwork & Wildlife Artwork. 

Environmental Responsibility: 

Because Textile Excellence in the 21st Century Requires Heightened Respect for the Environment, our Textile Mills  are Committed to Using – Whenever Possible - Renewable Natural Fibers from American growers, which are then Woven and Finished in USA.