Gallery Representation


We are open to gallery representation by fine art galleries interested in representing our wide array of art by cofounder, illustrator, painter and multi-media artist Shel Waldman.


In his mid-fifties and spending almost an entire lifetime creating fine art, Shel is living  in Hawaii with his business partner and best friend Isabella where he teaches and creates works of art on mixed media that are sold to art lovers and collectors and businesses. They and newer (and yet unsold) pieces are original works and limited edition giclee prints that are hand signed, numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity. And are ready to display and sell in fine art galleries across the globe.


Presently, we have many pieces ready to ship and be displayed as individual works or as part of a larger and more consistent and cohesive body of work. Shel is a dedicated artist and professional, always creating and painting, and constantly working and learning. He is also an artist forever imbued with a clear vision of his work and talent, and of himself and his artistic style and originality.

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