Licensing Shel Waldman Art

We are excited that you are considering licensing our fine artwork for your unique product and brand.  We have a wealth of artwork to accomplish this or can work personally with you to create the visual/artistic content needed to capture the idea or concept you have in mind.


Even if it’s a new product line you are planning to launch, we provide co branded artwork that is visionary, finely detailed and original and which indelibly presents the inner spirit essence of the people, places and cultures depicted.


Beautifully rendered and can be marketed to the conscious client, the nature lover, the world traveler or the religious minded or spiritual seeker.  And to fine art collectors who are looking for unique craftmanship that incomparably portrays the connection between all cultures and to products that embody this lifestyle.


We are a professional company that is serious about our art and business and would love to partner with you and contribute to your professional success!


Contact us, CLICK HERE,  or use form below and let's collaborate and do amazing business together!