Our Giving Art Work

Founder Shel & Bel Warren Park Food Program


The Spirit Within Art founders passionately believe in the "You Get What You Give" philosophy.


As professional entrepreneurs as well as artists, Shel Waldman and Isabella Samovsky have learned the importance of this practical philosophy. Thus, working also as philanthropists, our company is in business to also financially contribute to our surrounding communities and help others less fortunate than ourselves.


As it is, cofounder/artist Shel Waldman created a nonprofit food pantry in 2012 that began feeding over 500+ people every month; and accomplished this in partnership with the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Six years later, the program continues on and is feeding countless thousands of people every month who are in need of food and sustenance.  


To assist us in continuing this important charitable program, please visit the website at http://www.warrenparkfoodmobile.info or Facebook >




Founder Shel Waldman of the Warren Park Food Mobile Program Group Photo

(photo by marinaphoto.com) 


Co-founder Isabella Samovsky has been donating much of her money and countless products and her time to nonprofits for over 13 years with her previous company business. And she is now focusing on adding to this effort by soon selecting organizations and charities to whom the proceeds from the sale of artwork can be donated and will be most beneficial but consistently donates money to animal organizations she loves. 

We are blessed and thankful for everyone's support and purchase which allows us to give back even more!


 October 21, 2018 Update

We have pledged to donate  5% of our sales to Runs With Wolves Sanctuary in Maine. Visit them here https://rwws.org/about-us/ or visit  https://www.facebook.com/RunsWithWolvesSanctuary/ and we have recently joined www.formothernature.com , Art for Earth's Sake, artists contributing back, please support all of them!