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"Maiden Hummingbird" Stained Glass Art

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"Maiden Hummingbird" Stained Glass Art

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"Maiden Hummingbird" Stained Glass Art

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Inspired by Shel Waldman Art ,our beautiful stained glass “Maiden Hummingbird” from artist Andrea Trujillo  transform sunlight into spectacle flights of vivid colors illuminating joyfully in your environment.

Andrea, a 15 year crafter of stained glass art, captures the hummingbird in flight from the” Maiden of the Falls”, a Shel Waldman best seller artwork. 

The Maiden Hummingbird has beautiful bead work on top and bottom. Hang one in any sunny window where they can catch your eye and hang gorgeously.

Handmade in Hawaii. Makes a unique gift from the Islands! Limited! 

One of a kind! Each one will be slightly different.

Size: approx 5” x 3” (plus bead work around 2" on top) 

Materials: Glass & Metal

The Spiritual Meaning of Hummingbirds in Your Life: 

The spirit animal hummingbird symbolizes the delight throughout everyday life and delicacy of being. The individuals who have the hummingbird as a totem are welcome to appreciate the sweetness of life, lifting up pessimism wherever it sneaks in and express love all the more completely in their day by day attempts. This interesting winged creature is of boldness, fit for the most astonishing accomplishments in spite of its little size, for example, voyaging extraordinary separations or having the capacity to fly in reverse. The Hummingbird symbolizes extraordinary fearlessness, assurance, adaptability and flexibility. This little magnificence weighs just a couple of ounces, yet has the valor of a lion.

Type: Glass Art